Janice Winter Inc. is a global business solutions company focused in luxury and specializing in building branded businesses, retail operations and customer engagement. The firm's core competency is in helping companies scale their business through all growth phases - start up, build and growth.

Janice Winter is an industry expert who works with companies to create and build relevant brands by applying her knowledge and understanding of the consumer mindset and what drives purchasing, to brand strategy. As an experienced and strong business operator and idea generator, she optimizes your business by connecting knowledge to product, and positioning the company to operate with a competitive advantage.

A comprehensive discovery process is designed to understand your business; your value proposition; and what success looks like. As a problem solver, Janice works collaboratively to identify core issues, move your initiatives forward and deliver your desired result.

The combination of having successfully built and run companies, with her passionate drive for excellence, consistently delivers sustainable business models for growth and profitability.